WHAT IS Flexibuzz? HOW DO I JOIN Flexibuzz?

Flexibuzz is fast and easy communication app for smartphone devices that enables the Lilydale Swimming Club to distribute messages, information and events to its members.
Please see our "Communication" page for more information.

I am a prospective member and wish to know more about the Lilydale Swimming Club

Fantastic! Our "General info" and "Join LSC" pages are jam packed with information about our club and contains all the information for your free 2 week trial.


My son/ daughter is swimming with LSC and I am keen for some more information about upcoming competitions

All our targeted and recommended meet information is located on our "Targeted Meets" link. If you are looking for more information on entering your first swimming meet, try our "Competing" page for more.


I’ve heard LSC has more to offer than "just swimming". how can we get involved?

Lilydale Swimming Club has so much more to offer than swimming. We have regular social events involving the whole club, including trips away, social events and team building nights. Check out our "Social Calendar" page for more information!