Coach's Report 2016


What year it has been for The Lilydale Swimming Club, we have had so many new members join our fantastic crew!
I have been so proud to observe our swimmers welcoming each new swimmer into the group, forming friendships that will stand the tirade of difficult set thrown at you each and every week.
I have had a blast pushing everyone to their limits and watching them reach breaking point but continue to push as they strive for new personal bests and growth.

Our short course team performed exceptionally well, not only did we have 3 times as many swimmers involved but we also saw many personal bests and improved placings.

With the momentum built from short course season we dived into long course with new determination and vigor! Our 2 major targeted meets saw record numbers, with many swimmers competing at the State qualifying level for the first time.

The Ringwood sprint meet was a particular highlight as not only did we have record numbers but we also had record personal bests too! The majority of swimmers walking away with 2-3 or even 4
PB’s to their name, a great performance by all.

This of course meant that I had to honor my agreement of swimming the 50m backstroke, it was such a nerve racking experience standing on the blocks next to the great Will as we were about to duel it out for Lilydale pride. I might have just beaten him in the underwater phase but if the course were even a few meters longer I would have been in real trouble. I look forward to challenging him and any other swimmers in the future.

I have also honored another agreement with both Georgia, in the most difficult 100m Butterfly event of my life. Coming in at a PB+28 but still winning gold as I was the only competitor in my age group is an experience I won’t soon forget. Thanks Georgia!

I will also be jumping off the 10m platform at the Aquanation diving blocks to uphold my agreement with Tarni as she also achieved her 100m Butterfly state time. I will film and display
the event at a later event for the amusement of all our swimmers.

If you are looking for that extra bit of motivation to achieve your goals please come and talk to Duana, Michael or myself and we might consider putting ourselves out there as a bit of incentive!

With the shadow of long course State Championships looming over us we are prepared to give it our all at this top level event, showing club and personal pride as we take the blocks to battle the best of the best! I can’t wait to see what our swimmers can really do!

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and support this year, in particular to our fantastic committee who work behind the scenes to make this one of the friendliest, most welcoming and successful clubs around. It brings me great pride to wear my Lilydale uniform to each and event because I know that I lead and am supported by such a fantastic team!

Bring on 2017!

Ben Craven
Head Coach