LSC Uniforms

Lilydale Swimming Club has a distinctive uniform – we proudly sport the blue and gold!

Wearing a uniform helps to make our members feel part of the Club, and we love to see it worn with pride when our swimmers represent LSC at Swim Meets.

Swim Cap.jpg

To start swimming with LSC, all that is required is the cap - $12.50 each.



Other basic items you may choose to purchase include:


Club T-Shirt.jpg


T-Shirt - $40.00

Club Polo.jpg


Polo with Embroidered Name - $45.00

Club Hoodie.jpg


Hoodie - $45.00


Optional extras include:

Zip Hoodie.jpg


Zip Hoodie - $50.00



Shorts - $20.00

Deck Coat.jpg


Deck Coat with embroidered name- $100.00

The Club also has some of the swimming equipment you may require in stock: googles, kick boards, fins, rollers and hand paddles. Please speak with your coach regarding your child's needs.


To order, please contact Annette at: